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A.R.I.S. was founded over thirty years ago, but was significantly restructured approximately 4 years ago. The know-how of the senior partners passed to the new engineers and junior partners. A.R.I.S. offices are located in the northern suburbs of Athens, Greece.

A.R.I.S. personnel consists of highly educated and motivated young engineers, which have learned to incorporate, in their way of working, the combined know-how of the company's long year experience, with the innovative thinking and the state of the art practices.

The firm has been active in various European countries as well as the Balkan area and the GCC countries, providing design and consultancy services to multinational companies and local authorities and investors. The market segments serviced by the firm include, in both public and private sector, airports, stadiums and sport facilities, residential developments, industrial, commercial, educational facilities etc.

As a result of talent, dedication and hard work, A.R.I.S. is able to provide expertise and leadership throughout an interactive design process. By maintaining communication and integrated design concepts, A.R.I.S. creates a design unique to its clients' needs.

Our services include consulting, engineering and design services, from conceptional design through building start-up, on a wide variety of facilities, including new and upgraded commercial, institutional, governmental, and sport complexes.

A.R.I.S. has the experience and the creative capacity to formulate and communicate its proposals. We provide a design service which aims to clearly identify our Client‘s ambitions and transcend them. As a result, our deliverables are custom made design solutions focused on the specifics needs of the project.

A.R.I.S. operates the Balanced Scorecard as a Strategic Management System. We operate this system with several KPI’s in five interrelated levels (Financial, Internal Business Processes, Learning and Innovation, Customer and Vendor – Supplier Perspective).

The senior partners of A.R.I.S., who have a continuous experience of over 30 years, are working together with the junior engineers, constantly trying to identify and analyze the social and technological changes, which affect the art and practice of ARCHITECTURE & PLANNING in general.

A.R.I.S. is a community of designers, engineers and project managers, who are loyal to the principles of team work and strive for excellence in the end product. A.R.I.S. has experience of working on a wide range of projects (new built and refurbishment) in both the private and the public sector.

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