Deliver to clients architectural, planning solutions and technical consultancy services, which create exceptional value arrow


We have the following competitive edges:

  • Implementation of innovative design strategies
  • State-of-the-art modeling, design, engineering, analysis and drafting capabilities.
  • Quality control and assurance program.
  • Experienced, knowledgeable owners/engineers, with a thorough understanding of design & construction codes and the target market.

Marketing Strategy:

We are using the internet and personal contacts in our sales promotion. The mayor developers in our market are aware of our presence, but we will aim to clarify & remind our added value and new competitive advantages.

We are focusing our advertising budgets to promote our projects, which shall either direct or indirect, add value to the local communities and the financial market. We are also offering our services at discount rates to non-profit organizations.

Sales Strategy:

Sales in our business is client service. It is repeat business. One doesn't sell an engineering  project, one develops a proposal that works for the client.

We must always be aware of the big-company consulting phenomenon of the split between selling the job and fulfilling the job, which leads to client dissatisfaction. The job should be developed, scoped, sold, and fulfilled by the same people. Our clients should never buy a job from one partner and have it delivered by anybody other than that same partner.

We need to avoid the temptation to significantly drop fees to gain jobs. When a potential client questions the cost of a project, we explain the benefits. If the budget is for less money, then we must offer less service. Billing rates are not negotiated.

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