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In the early 80’s, I began to draft the first design proposals and working drawings. Even then we were fighting a never ending battle to present work at the highest level possible. We had the courage for this but the future perspectives were not looking promising.

But as the years were passing by and the economy grew, few visionary leaders took over and tried to develop projects through the European Union. The E.U. exceeded our horizons. New opportunities for growth and development presented themselves, changing the perspective of things.

Our philosophy in a few words is “How can we make it happen”. We believe in that motto and we try hard to surpass ourselves every time.

In the early 2000’s, the first opportunities for international projects presented themselves. Totally new areas of work, which called for new methods of design planning and project execution, appeared.

Looking back in time, I find that my work has always been a great source of happiness for me, and with the support of my team we managed to keep our clients satisfied and earn their acceptance.

Our motivation is the endless effort to grow and to succeed in our field. Our strength comes from our client’s confidence in us and we have faith in the outstanding work of our experienced team who has completed every task they were assigned to successfully, always giving their heart to each and every project.

We intend to keep working with respect to our client’s demands and the characteristics of each project, while using state of the art applications, so as to deliver exceptional design studies and project management services.

Michael A. Mitropoulos, Aris Hellas

Michael A. Mitropoulos,
Architect MSc

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